Google Map


  • width : the width value of your google map
  • height : the height value of your google map
  • latitude : the latitude point of your google map


[gmap width="960" height="428" src=",+Jakarta,+Indonesia&hl=id&sll=-6.225204,106.873627&sspn=0.562457,1.056747&oq=meruya+&hnear=Meruya+Utara,+Jakarta+Barat,+Jakarta,+Indonesia&t=m&z=15"]

[gmap width=”960″ height=”428″ src=”,+Jakarta,+Indonesia&hl=id&sll=-6.225204,106.873627&sspn=0.562457,1.056747&oq=meruya+&hnear=Meruya+Utara,+Jakarta+Barat,+Jakarta,+Indonesia&t=m&z=15″]

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